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In Clash of Clans, gems ar a special currency which will be wont to purchase nearly something a player may need within the game: quicker unit production, instant building completion, and even additional resources. However, players solely receive alittle variety of gems hebdomadally (earned by clearing plants and gem boxes from their base. If players need additional gems, then they have to pay real cash.

Given that gems don’t seem to be unlimited nor free, players ought to watch out to pay them within the most effective manner attainable. This guide can concentrate on that precise topic.
The #1 Use for Gems: Builder’s Huts

Without a doubt, the simplest use for your 1st few thousand gems are Builder’s Huts. every Builder’s Hut provides the player with one extra “Builder”, which may then be wont to build and upgrade structures for the player’s base. every structure beneath construction or being upgraded needs a builder. The additional Builder’s Huts you have got, the additional buildings you’ll upgrade or build at an equivalent time. every extra builder considerably improves your upgrade speed.

Builder’s Huts will solely be bought with gems. there’s a limit of five total huts, and every hut becomes costlier than the previous hut. Here ar the costs:

Builder Hut #1: No price
Builder Hut #2: 250 Gems
Builder Hut #3: five hundred Gems
Builder Hut #4: one thousand Gems
Builder Hut #5: 2000 Gems

If you wish to shop for gems to hurry on your upgrades, take care you’re mistreatment them on Builder’s Huts. If you are doing not need to pay cash, rest assured – you’ll eventually unlock all five builder slots by finishing achievements and saving gems from rubble clearing.
Best Use for Gems once Builder’s Huts

Even if you ne’er obtain gems, eventually you’ll be able to collect the three,250 extra gems needed to unlock all five Builder’s Huts (each new account starts with five hundred free gems). whether or not you get gems at this time or begin to accumulate them for complimentary by clearing rubble, gem boxes, and unlocking new achievements, it’s vital to grasp the way to best pay these gems to advance your base.

All gem-spending activities don’t seem to be created equal. Some ar clearly far better than others. i feel the foremost economical means that for increasing rushing on base upgrades leads to boosting the Barracks. Boosting every Barracks solely prices ten gems and lasts for two hours. This impact causes the Barracks to provide units at four times the conventional speed. If you boost 2-4 Barracks (depending on army composition), you’ll much raid non-stop for two hours, netting 2x-4x the loot you commonly would from farming for that length of your time while not the boost.

With a boosted Barracks, it’s typically most effective to only use fast-producing armies so you’ll raid non-stop for two hours. making Barbarian and Archer armies works nice for this purpose. With 1-2 boosted Barracks, you’ll virtually raid each five minutes and skip around for bases with full collectors. whereas not nice for Dark Elixir farming, you’ll farm run over one,000,000 Gold and Elixir per hour during this manner.

If you have got plenty of gems and don’t care such a lot concerning the gems as you are doing increasing returns, it should be helpful to additionally boost the Spell plant or maybe your Heroes. I don’t assume that boosting these buildings is sort of as economical as boosting the Barracks, however it are often helpful for coring deep into enemy bases in search of Dark Elixir or trophies (at the terribly high level).